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An evidence based, non-invasive, hands-on healthcare discipline that focuses on the musculoskeletal system.  It's a primary care profession in Ontario.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthotics can help prevent a person's foot from rolling excessively inward and outward.  Orthotics can support the foot and reduce inflammation.


 Treatment of stimulating peripheral nerves which connect the Central Nervous System to the limbs and organs, specifically  neurofunctional areas.

About Us

Complete Chiropractic Centre was founded July of 1998, on Walker Road. In July 2007, we moved to our current location, 4100 Tecumseh Rd. East, a larger and more modern facility which has allowed our practice to expand and grow. We celebrated 25 years in business in 2023!

At the new Complete Chiropractic Centre location, we offer a more expansive array of therapies, and can offer a more multi-disciplinary setting for more of your health care needs. Our goal at Complete Chiropractic Centre is to provide the surrounding community with a family oriented, chiropractic service which emphasizes conservative total body healthcare. We treat all ages from newborn babies to the elderly community and help correct more than just back pain.

Call today to book your appointment with one of our practitioners!

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