Chiropractic Services

Children Under 5

Initial Visit: $35.00

Subsequent: $19.00

Elementary School

Initial Visit: $45.00

Subsequent: $25.00

High School

Initial Visit: $55.00

Subsequent: $31.00


Initial Visit: $80.00

Subsequent: $44.00

Seniors (60 yrs +)

Initial Visit: $67.00

Subsequent: $34.00

Registered Massage Therapy

Half Hour


Forty Five Minutes


One Hour


Hour And A Half


$20.00 - $50.00

Medical Forms Or Doctor's Notes


We are preferred providers and are able to direct bill most insurance companies online.  We can submit directly through the GreenShield Canada portal, Telus Health portal and Blue Cross/Veteran's affairs.  We are also licensed under FSRA to bill motor vehicle insurance companies through the HCAI portal and are also WSIB healthcare providers.

All massage fees are including HST taxes.  Clem is able to bill directly to GreenShield Canada.  All other insurance companies will require payment in full with Cash OR Cheque and a receipt will be provided for reimbursement.  Massage patients are required to give 24 hours notice when cancelling/rescheduling.  If 24 hours notice is not given for a missed appointment or reschedule, a fee will be applied.  Late patients will receive the remaining time only.