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Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Feel like you have tried everything? 

Dr. Merner is able to offer all of our patients Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.  This is the practice of stimulating peripheral nerves which connect the Central Nervous System (brain) to the limbs and organs.  This type of acupuncture is directed at specific neurofunctional sites.

His technique is painless and uses very fine needles that are not inserted all the way into the muscle.  Sometimes the doctor will hook the needles up to electrical stimulation in order to cause additional stimulation of the peripheral nerve sites.

Acupuncture is effective for:


Smoking Cessation


Sports Injuries

Joint and Muscle pain



 Treatment times are 15-20 minutes.

Check out this great article by the Canadian Chiropractic Association about Acupuncture and its benefits. Feel free to stop by the office at any time if you have any questions for Dr. Merner regarding acupuncture.